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Whether you are a personal e-commerce seller, a small and medium-sized enterprise, or an international brand, OneWarehouse can perfectly solve the needs of warehousing and logistics! Seamlessly connect a variety of e-commerce platforms and logistics services, realize multi-consignor, multi-store, multi-system unification, refined business management, and solve pain points such as warehouse returns and inventory.

Why OneWarehouse?

Let you focus on performance growth, we solve your worries


One-stop solution

Through the OneWarehouse system, the warehouse management and logistics express distribution service of the omni-channel e-commerce platform is built, and the one-stop solution of warehousing and distribution is provided for e-commerce brands.


warehouse management

Systematic operation of the warehouse,improve the quality of warehouse management. clear planning of each operation area in the warehouse, efficiently connected multi-platform information, more detailed and convenient management


Seamless delivery

Seamless connection with major logistics service providers to complete warehousing + delivery one-stop service. The logistics dynamics can be tracked in any time, and the abnormal warning and reminders can perfectly deliver the goods to the guests and improve the shopping experience.

What do we do?

Build a Digital Warehouse Logistics Service Platform


Order management across platforms

  • Smart order review, supporting complex order processing such as automatic order splitting and order consolidation
  • Intelligent inspection of shipping orders and inventory, as well as manual processes such as arranging shipments, and exclusive consultants to assist with inbounding and outbounding troubles
  • Provide the best logistics solution for all channels, full support delivery through road, home delivery or supermarket pickup

Diversified Service

  • From domestic distribution to cross-border shipping, jointly promote brand products to the world with a number of selected partners
  • Provide full-channel distribution and reverse logistics services, and can unpack and classify returned goods for inspection to minimize losses
  • Data-based warehousing and logistics management can effectively reduce costs and improve store operational efficiency



Big data analysis(coming soon)

  • Integrate the statistics and analysis of the daily operation, logistics and other data of the brand
  • Provide customer shopping decision analysis, customized product BI analysis and other services
  • Provide data support for decision-making

Who do we serve?

No matter what your current business model is, we can meet your customized needs

Corporates/International corporates


Personal/Mini Seller

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